About Us

We’re a newly established branch of the Faerie Human Relations Department here in Chico, CA. With human belief in faeries at an all time low, our faerie friends have been disappearing left and right! Our aim is to aid in faerie and human diplomatic relations for the benefit of all. Pepper M. Whimsy has the pleasure of being our only field agent at present. She graduated with honors at Brownie University, majoring in Human World Studies, and has over 3 years of experience being a Professional Faerie in the human realm under her belt. She brings extra sunshine and sparkle where ever she goes.

A Faerie Poem by C.R. Fraasch

Fiddle-dee faeries three

Dancing round the oaken tree

Breath of holly’s faintest scent

Follows where ye dare to went

One has hair of dewey dreams

She sings of owls’ hooting schemes

One knows what lies in darkened hearts

She’ll tell you all the dour parts

Faerie three I do not know

With whims as passing as spring’s snow

She dances to the wind’s slow beat

Eyes ablaze with autumns heat

Thrice and thrice and thrice around

Mossy steps won’t touch the ground and mushrooms tell of ancient things

When faeries dance a faerie ring